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Colloque international

Technical Knowledge in Europe. From Writting Texts to Archaeological Evidences (13th-16th centuries)

International Meeting / Córdoba, University of Cordoba / 17-18 september 2015

Résumé :

affiche de tke2015 díptico-1The international meeting Technical Knowledge in Europe will review the main subjects regarding artistic and industrial technology in the Late Middle Ages and the first century of the Modern Period. One of the meeting’s core targets is to highlight the variety of methods with which the issue can be approached, from the study of the written records to archaeological investigation; and from the examination of technical recipes to the scientific analysis of works of art and archaeological materials. The meeting has been organised within the framework of research project HAR2012-37357 (The scientific and technical knowledge in the Iberian Peninsula (13th-16th centuries), funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy.

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